Literally changes the blood
in 5 minutes!
Nutrition That Gets In
deliver 100's
of nutrients to
your cells.
See the Prodovite Live Blood Cell Analysis Video below
A genuine breakthrough in daily
nutrition that delivers quality
ingredients into your blood in less than
5 minutes from the time you put it into
your mouth. Prodovite™ nutritionally
supports energy, vitality, and optimal
health. Prodovite is Daily Nutrition That
Gets In.
Prodosomed Multi-Enzyme Complex,
N-Sorb,  boosts and strengthens
metabolism and vitality; supports
digestion, intestinal health and
elimination; and is Prodosomed® for
rapid & prolonged absorption.
A Course Correction for Your Mind. No other
company has 29 clinical studies on their finished
product formula. These studies demonstrate
that Brain Reward™ nutritionally supports
happiness, willpower, reward satisfaction
especially in people with reward deficiencies,
stress relief, energy production, focus,
concentration, cognition, and overall wellness
and vitality.  Also contains prodosomes.
ThionExtra™ Uses VNI's proprietary
Prodosome™ technology providing
unique and superior synchronized
absorption and availability for
unrivaled health benefits.  Also
contains prodosomes.
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Extraordinary affect on cancer patients blood.
Bill Downs - formulator and CEO of VNI
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VNI's New Prodovite Concentrate provides a
convenient and economical way to get the great
benefits of Prodovite: The Exclusive Next
Dimension of Multi-Nutrient Supplementation!

3 bottles of the 3-ounce Prodovite Concentrate will
be packaged together and are ordered as 1 unit.
The product number for this 3-bottle unit is '1210'.
Each 3-ounce bottle makes 10 servings.
So, the 3
bottles are equal to one 30-ounce bottle of regular
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Gets In !
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3 pack
3oz's each

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