Chemtrail Research

What Are We Breathing?
Have you ever noticed white lines in the sky?  
All you you have to do is look up!
On June 26, 2001 the CDC listed Chronic Lower
Respiratory Disease as the 5 th leading cause of death in
the US from unknown airborne causes
Does This Look Normal To You ?
Con-Trails or vapour trails
are condensation trails made
by the exhaust of aircraft
engines or wingtip vortices
which precipitate a stream of
tiny ice crystals in moist, frigid
upper air. Being
composed of
, the visible white
streams are not, in and of
themselves, air pollution.
However, contrails generated
by engine exhaust are
inevitably linked with typical
fuel combustion pollutants.
Contrails might also be
considered visual pollution.
Chem-Trails are a chemical
and/or biological agent of
some sort  that is being
released. The term "chemtrail"
does not refer to common
forms of aerial dumping
e.g. crop dusting,cloud
seeding or aerial firefighting

It specifically refers to
systematic, high-altitude
dumping of
for undisclosed
purposes, resulting in the
appearance of these unusual
Over every Major city almost daily now.  
How many times a week does your
city or town get sprayed?
Ever Counted?
Note the short white line.  It disappears because it's made of water.
Why don't the white lines disappear ?
This powder-like substance will linger in the air for
hours before settling on your lawn.
*New Documentary* approx 2 hrs

A must see !

What in The World Are They Spraying? video
The USA is ranked #1 in the world in degenerative diseases, Why?
There was a time when clouds
were the only white things in
our skys
There was a time when clouds
were the only white things in
our skys
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Chemtrail Health Effects